Poor Jared has had to endure Ashley I for weeks now in Bachelor in Paradise.  The way I see it is that he’s not really interested in anyone, but Ashley I is obsessed with him and that’s flattering, so he keeps her around just counting down the days until he can get out of hell paradise.  In last week’s episode we saw Ashley ask Chris Harrison for a date card in that would lead to a fantasy suite/overnight date.   Chris agrees (of course, makes for good TV and it was probably the producers’ idea anyway) and Ashley skips off to find Jared like a little school girl.  On her way she says “I might not be a virgin after tonight.” Ashley asks Jared out, he says sure.  While she’s getting ready Tanner keeps questioning Jared if he’s going to take Ashley’s “v-card”.  Jared, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t exactly give an answer – or at least not that they aired anyway.


Well TMZ spoke to sources that say Ashley I did not blow her v-card on a one night stand with Jared.   She’s not as dumb as she comes off.  She realizes that what has made her famous is her virginity.  The girl is indeed a train wreck, emotional unstable, immature, but she’s still a good looking girl who dresses pretty provocatively and has fake hair and fake eyelashes.  On Chris’ season she was labeled a Kardashian.  So it’s a bit surprising that she’s still a virgin and it makes her story a bit more interesting.  Ashley told friends that she is indeed still a virgin and it was the Bachelor producers that fed her the lines to say what she did about losing her virginity to Jared.  She and Jared did not have sex that night in Paradise.  Something tells me it wasn’t just Ashley’s decision in that.  Jared is a gentleman, plus that would not make him look good if he did that when we can all tell he’s not that into her.  I am sure we will see Ashley again next summer for Bachelor in Paradise 3, and she will still be a virgin.

What are your thoughts?

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