Jared and Ashley venture off to their “overnight” date.  A date that Ashley conspired to get by requesting Chris Harrison give her a date card that would lead to a fantasy suite date.  Jared agreed to go with her, in part I believe, to get out of going on a date with Jaclyn who is dubbed the “black widow.” She’s a bit frightening. Ashley pulls out the fantasy suite card on the date and Jared agrees to “see what happens” and spend the night with her.

The next morning the cast reflects on the relationships that they have built.  Mikey confides in the guys that he’s going to have a discussion with Juelia about how he feels she’s just a friend.  He feels there is something missing in their relationship. So he meets her on the beach and breaks the news to her.  He said he’s been forcing it because she’s such an awesome person.  She starts crying and Mikey just doesn’t stop talking.  She doesn’t say anything back to him (at least not that they chose to show).  Juelia walks back to the resort and says she’s leaving, right now.  And off she goes!  That’s all she wrote.

Jaclyn decides to ask Justin out on a date and he agrees.  The other guys comment “poor guy”.  haha.  Why are all the girls liking Justin??  I don’t get it AT ALL.

Cassandra arrives in Paradise and the guys immediately start falling all over her.  She’s from Juan Pablo’s season and is a mother.  The girls pull her aside and give her the scoop.  She tells them that she would like to take Justin on a date.  What?!  Still not understanding it aside from the fact that he’s a single dad.  Meanwhile the guys are now getting jealous that Justin’s getting all the dates.  Justin then has to break it to Jaclyn that he’d rather go on a date with Cassandra.  Burn!  Jaclyn says that’s a “dick move” and it kind of is, but I don’t blame him.

Jared and Ashley I come back from their overnight date and are being very quiet.  Everyone’s trying to read them to see if they did it or not.  Carly says “I think she’s even MORE of a virgin after the fantasy suite.”

Nick decides he’s going to try to ask Jaclyn for her date card so he can take Samantha out on the date.  On Bachelor Pad 3, Nick kicked Jaclyn off the show and took $250,000 away from her best friend and “won” the show.  Jaclyn is still bitter about that so she’s going to make him work for the date card.  She made him roll around on the dirt seductively.  It was pretty funny, but he was willing to do just about anything to get the date card.

Justin and Cassandra go horseback riding on the beach and he’s really ogling her.  Says she looks like she’s a woman from a romance novel.  During their conversation they bond over their kids.  They seem to really hit it off and are frolicking in the water together.

Nick approaches Samantha and asks her out on the date.  She says yes.  Carly and Jade meanwhile discuss how they don’t get the guys fawning over her.  They don’t think she’s capable of love.

Jared says he needs to be honest with Ashley I that their relationship isn’t going anywhere.  However, Ashley thinks that their date reaffirms what she was already feeling towards him.  Jared asks to speak with her and he sits down with her on the beach and she is just beaming.  It makes it even harder for him to get the words out.  He says that the connection just isn’t strong enough.  Jared tells her he’s leaving right now.  Ashley of course begins to cry.  As much as I’m not really a fan of Ashley, I do feel bad for her.  Jared tried so hard to like her and he just doesn’t.  He’s still so sweet to her though and a gentleman.  He’s probably happy to finally be away from her though so he can find someone to actually fall in love with without her hovering around.

Nick and Sam head out on their date.  Josefina Santacruz flew in from Mexico City just to cook food for Nick and Samantha.  Nick says winning time with Sam is more valuable than the $250k he won on Bachelor Pad.  Sam asks him what made him want to pursue her.  He says “well you’re just the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen in my life.” It’s all about looks.  She then tells him about how unsure she is about who’s going to get a rose or not.  Then she leans over to kiss him in what seems like the most forced kiss ever.  She clearly just wants a rose, but she is soooo not into Nick.

Cocktail party time…. there are multiple girls on the chopping block so it’s a last ditch effort to stay.  Then Chris Harrison announces that there will not be a cocktail party tonight.  Chris says that if there isn’t a strong connection that you can see pursuing the relationship outside of Paradise, then you should go home.  There’s going to be a lot of people going home at the rose ceremony.  Ashley I announces that she will be going home now because there isn’t anyone there for her.  She was only there for Jared and she’s grown up a lot in Paradise and she’s ready to move on.

Rose ceremony… the men have the power of who to give the rose to.  Chris reminds everyone again that the goal is the great love story.  Kirk gives his rose Carly, Tanner gives his rose to Jade, Nick chooses Samantha, Joshua to Tenley, Justin to Cassandra, Dan gives a speech about how he didn’t find love here and he’s removing himself and doesn’t give the rose to anyone.  Final rose is Mikey’s… who gives it to Makenzie…. what???  She says she appreciates it but is going to decline and go home.  He says he doesn’t have any other options here so he’s going home.  So Jaclyn, Ashley S, Amber, and Chelsea are going home.  Carly kind of gloats about how good it feels to be in love and know you’re safe.  The camera pans to Kirk’s face which seems to be saying something different as he downs his champagne.  Hmmmm.

The next morning it’s just the serious (or semi-serious) couples left.  Chris Harrison then shows up and congratulates the remaining ten people.  “Everything is about to change” Chris says.  No more new arrivals.  “Can your love grow and exist beyond all of this.”  Chris says.  Each couple will be going on a one-on-one date with a fantasy suite.

The girls congregate together and the guys doing the same.  The girls are very excited and giddy.  Kirk says he has to have a really hard conversation with Carly.  He says he can’t do it anymore.  He’s been just going through the motions the last few weeks.  He says he’s not to the point where she is.  She’s talking about having his kids and he’s not feeling the same.  Ugh this sucks!!!

Kirk asks Carly to go talk at the beach.  Carly is so happy and giddy and it’s just heartbreaking.  Kirk starts out by thanking her for giving him such a good time in Paradise and then starts to let her down.  He says he’s behind where she is in their relationship.  He says he’s having doubts and she says she’s going home.  He wants to talk about it, but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it, she’s going to throw up.  He keeps trying to talk and she said she doesn’t want to have this conversation.  She says she feels tricked.  She’s just so blindsided and feels like such a fool.  She goes up to the room and the girls run to hug her.  Is it pathetic I’m crying right now?!  Oh poor Carly.  Kirk tells the guys it was the worst break up he’s ever had.  Kirk says HE feels like he just got punched.  Tanner says Kirk owed it to Carly to not wait until the eleventh hour to do this.  He should have been more honest.  She starts packing her bags and Kirk just keeps trying to talk to her and she keeps trying to push him away.  Jade and Tenley are just about as upset with Kirk as Carly is.  Carly just keeps telling Kirk she hates him.  Kirk says in the car “ugh, that went terribly. That was the worst break up of my life.” No shit dude.  You led her on for WEEKS.  Carly says in the car she’s never been that happy.  Never.  😦

Tomorrow night is the finale part 2!!!!

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