On Part 1 of Bachelor in Paradise season finale last night we saw a slew of people go home because they did not find love in Paradise: Mikey, Juelia, Jared, Ashley I, Ashley S, Chelsea, Amber, Makenzie, Dan, shockingly Kirk and Carly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I left someone off this list… it was A LOT!  So now we’re left with four couples: Jade and Tanner, Justin and Cassandra, Nick and Sam, and Tenley and Joshua.

The ladies, especially Jade and Tenley are really shaken up about Kirk dumping Carly. The guys are worried about it effecting the girls too much and second guess their relationship.  Each couple has a date today with a possible fantasy suite as part of the date.  The mood is very serious in the house now.

The couples leave for their dates.  Nick starts talking to Sam and she’s saying all the right things and kisses him but I swear the look on her face is that she’s just trying to get through the date.  She crinkles her nose every time they kiss like she doesn’t want to do it but she’s just suffering through it.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t trust that she has genuine feelings for Nick.  However, I don’t exactly feel sorry for him because he’s kind of slimy guy.  It appears they’re spending the night together in the fantasy suite.

Justin and Cassandra sit down and talk and she’s kind of pulling back a little bit.  She looks uncomfortable, but she says she just wants to take things slowly and feels that the fantasy suite would be inappropriate.  Justin says it’s disappointing.  Didn’t they just meet like the day before?  I think it’s totally understandable that she doesn’t want to do it.

Tenley and Joshua talk and she’s honest with him about how she’s scared and she’s not sure if it will work in the real world.  Josh says he wants to take the chance and doesn’t want things to end.  Tenley says she just wants to be smart about things.  She’s really guarded since her relationship and break up with Kiptyn. They decided to take advantage of the fantasy suite.

On Tanner and Jade’s date they discuss about what happened to Carly and Tanner reassures her saying that things have gotten more real for him and he tells her he loves her.  He seems so genuine and she is beaming and she tells him she loves him too.  They are just beyond cute together.  She says she feels safe now and that it all just feels right and feels like love.  So of course they also take advantage of the fantasy suite!

The next morning Jade and Tanner wake up with breakfast in bed.  They seem very happy together and she is glowing. However, Jade says she’s still freaking out a little bit about the Carly situation.

Back at the resort, Chris Harrison greets everyone for the final rose ceremony.  Chris says that giving a rose today means you are committed to a life together outside of Paradise.  He’s going to give them some last moments to really think things through.  Chris says there’s nothing worse than an empty promise.

Tenley and Joshua talk and Tenley just doesn’t know how they will make it work in the real world because of the distance.  She’s really conflicted because she likes him so much.

Justin is the first up at the rose ceremony.  Each couple will go through this individually without the other couples around.  Justin’s feeling insecure about Cassandra accepting his rose because she didn’t stay the night with him in the fantasy suite.  Cassandra arrives and Justin gives a speech about how he’s excited to see what comes next in their relationship and then asks her if she’ll accept the rose.  She says “absolutely.” Then she gives a rose back to him.  She says she feels like the luckiest girl.

Nick is up next.  He says coming into Paradise his goal was to meet Sam, date Sam, leave with Sam and he’s hoping that’s the way it turns out. Sam greets him with a kiss and Nick gives his speech and he asks if she’ll accept his rose.  She says she just feels like he is her prince charming and she wouldn’t be still here if she didn’t see something coming from all of this outside in the real world.  She still doesn’t seem sincere to me!!  It seems cold and shallow.

Now Joshua is up and Tenley says in her interview that her head and her heart are still conflicted.  They greet each other and kiss and she tells him he’s so handsome.  He tells her that he’d love to try what it’s going to be like out in the real world after Paradise.  She tells him she really likes him and is getting choked up.  She says “why do you have to live in Iowa.”  She just feels like it would eventually come to one of them having to move or to break up and both of them would be leaving a piece of their heart behind if they were to move.  They thank each other for everything and then walk away without the roses.   Joshua helps Tenley get in the car.  They are both devastated.

Now lastly, there’s Tanner and Jade.  The two are just giggly and glowing.  Jade gives her speech first about how she loves everything about him.  She pins the rose on him  Then Tanner picks up the rose and starts giving his speech.  He tells her that everything in Paradise has been perfect, but then there’s the real world.  “I can’t give you this rose today” he tells her and she takes a deep breath and looks like she’s about to cry “…because what we have is worth so much more than a rose…. than a million roses.”  Then he gets down on one knee and proposes!!!  She says Yes!!  Okay, that may not have been that big of a surprise to us at home, but it was still fun to watch!  I just love them together!!!  The remaining two couples shout to them and congratulate them.  I hope this works out!!

What are your thoughts?

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