10:51pm: The current Miss America takes her final walk on the stage.  Fourth Runner Up: Miss Alabama.  Third Runner Up: Miss Louisiana.  Second Runner Up: Miss Colorado.  First Runner Up: Miss Mississippi.  The Miss America Crown Goes to: Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell!!!  I really liked her two-piece dress even though she slipped in it three times.  Very beautiful!!

10:38pm: Questions segment of the competition.  Miss Colorado is the first to make it through.  Kevin O’Leary is the first to ask the question: Which woman should get the honor to put on the $10 bill.  Miss Colorado answers Ellen DeGeneres.  Miss South Carolina is up next… Amy Purdy asks “do you support a ban on military style assault weapons?”  She answers she does not support a ban, she thinks it starts with education.  She thinks people just need to be better trained so there aren’t as many accidents.  Ugh!  As if school shootings were just an accident.  Miss Tennessee is the next to make it through and gets judge Vanessa Williams “Should Planned Parenthood Funding by the Federal Government be cut off?” She answered no because women need the other services that Planned Parenthood provides for simple healthcare testing.  She gave the example of mammograms.  Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms!  Aside from that uneducated argument, I agree with her.  Miss Alabama up next and gets judge Tara “Why do you think Donald Trump is leading by such a large margain?”  She answers because he’s an entertainer and he says what’s on a lot of people’s minds, but the Republican party should be terrified of the attention he’s taking away from viable candidates such as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie that could do an excellent job of president.  ugh!  Miss Georgia is up and Brett Elderidge asks a question regarding “Deflate-gate.” Miss Georgia asks him to repeat the question.  Did he cheat?  She said she’d have to feel the balls for herself but yes she thinks he cheated. Miss Mississippi up now and question comes from Zendaya she asks about Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis and does it violate her religious freedom?  She answers no, it doesn’t violate her religious freedom.  But then says yes she violated the law.  The last question goes to Miss Louisiana, Danica McKellar asks the question regarding “Black Lives Matter”.  She answered with Every Life Matters, All Lives Matter…. which I can’t stand when people say that.  It cheapens the movement of what is trying to be heard.  Whew!  Tough questions!  Would have liked to have heard what solutions these women had to some of the nation’s biggest problems.  Very political questions that show an obvious bias towards one political party or the other.

10:26pm:  Back from another commercial break and Miss South Carolina is up next singing Fantasia’s “I Believe”.  Not the best song choice or something.  It’s just not very good.  Ouch.  Miss Mississippi playing the violin on a song she arranged herself.  Nails on a chalkboard!! I have goosebumps but not for a good reason.  So screechy!  Final girl through and to perform is Miss Georgia.  She is singing an opera.  Pretty dang good if you like opera!

10:14pm: Commercial break is over and Miss Tennessee is up next and will be playing the piano in a huge yellow gown. The microphone isn’t turned up very loudly on the piano.  It’s a bit hard to hear it over the background supporting music.  Very difficult piece though and she’s doing great.  Miss Texas up now singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. Umm… this sounds like karaoke.  I don’t think Miss Texas will be moving on… this is hard to listen to. Miss Alabama will be dancing on to a song from The Matrix. Her leotard isn’t very flattering, but the dance is pretty cool. Miss Colorado is performing an original monologue.  It was a moving speech/monologue.  It was a bit rushed and she came across very nervous.  But it was decent.

10:05pm: Top ten will perform in the talent competition.  Miss Florida is up first dancing to “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Very beautiful!  I think she did a great job.  Next up is Miss Oklahoma singing “Happy Days are Here Again”.  Very theatrical, a bit pitchy, but okay…. not great, but better than I could do.  Next through is Miss Louisiana singing “Climb Every Mountain” from the Sound of Music.  Not my cup of tea… had a great smile at the end. Commercial break.

9:57pm: Bea Miller “Fire n Gold” song plays as the women walk the runway in their evening wear. Miss Georgia just slipped a bit.  But she handled it in stride with a smile and almost a sigh or relief that she didn’t fall.  Talent competition and results are up next!

9:48pm: Top 12 Announced: Miss Florida Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Colorado Kelly Johnson, Miss Iowa Taylor Wiebers, Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts, Miss Texas Shannon Sanderford, Miss Tennessee Hannah Robison, Miss South Carolina Daja Dial, Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, Miss Nebraska Alyssa Howell, Miss Louisiana April Nelson, Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell, and Miss Oklahoma Georgia Frazier.

9:47pm: A brief history of the Miss America pageant. 95th Anniversary…. former Miss Americas standing on stage.

9:40pm: Swimsuit competition just completed.  Waiting for results!

9:25pm: Miss America Top 15 is announced: Miss Iowa Taylor Wiebers, Miss West Virginia Chelsea Malone, Miss South Carolina Daja Dial, Miss Florida Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Oklahoma Georgia Frazier, Miss Virginia Savannah Lane, Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, Miss Louisiana April Nelson, Miss Texas Shannon Sanderford, Miss Nebraska Alyssa Howell, Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell, Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts, and Miss Arkansas Loren McDaniel.

9:20pm: Just tuning in!!  Totally missed the Vanessa Williams tribute/pageant apology.  Ugh!!

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