***Update from original post, Ron Lester has now passed away.  RIP.

If you are currently in your mid-thirties or thereabouts, you have probably seen the movie Varsity Blues.  Admittedly, it’s not a movie worthy of academy awards, and James Van Der Beek delivers the notable line “I don’t want your life” with  the worst southern accent imaginable, but even so there was something about it that spoke to my generation.  My girlfriends and I watched this show repeatedly and when we weren’t watching it, we were quoting it.  I’m not even the type to quote movies!

So today when I heard the news that actor Ron Lester, who had played Billy Bob in the movie, is in critical condition – I was naturally upset.  Billy Bob was one of the most likable characters in the movie.

Man, I love this movie!  Oh, back to the actor who played Billy Bob though…. so Ron Lester is in critical care and news sources say that hospice has been brought in, so it’s really not looking good.  He’s been in the hospital for roughly four months now.  It seems his liver and kidneys are failing.  In 2001, he lost over 300 lbs after undergoing bypass surgery.


Varisty Blues has already lost two actors from the movie.  Paul Walker who played Lance Harbor, and Joe Pichler who played Mox’s brother Kyle.  Pichler disappeared in January 2006.  He still has not been found, but a suicide note was discovered after his disappearance which stated he wished he had been a better brother to his younger brother and to give all of his possessions to him.

Paul Walker as Lance Harbor          Joe Pichler as Kyle Mox

So sad to see these young men go.  We need to have a Varsity Blues viewing party to keep the memories of them alive.

What are your thoughts?

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