Juan PabloI cannot even WAIT to watch tonight’s episode!  The teasers make it show like it is going to be quite the wild, emotional ride!

Nikki hometownImmediately, the show gets right to it with the ladies’ hometown dates.  First, we are at Nikki’s hometown of Kansas City, MO.  They meet up and she shows him around the city, walking to various sites and taking him to Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue restaurant.  Juan Pablo seems to really be enjoying the food and says he’d get fat eating that barbecue everyday.  Then she takes him to a bar with a mechanical bull inside.  Could this be anything more opposite than a date Sharleen would have taken him on??  So not the class and sophistication he liked in Sharleen, but he still seems to be having a good time.  Looks good riding the bull too!  Nikki says she really wants to tell him she loves him, but now isn’t the right time.

So now she takes him to meet her family.   He is meeting her mom, dad, and her two brothers and a sister-in-law.  First impression of them is that they are classy and refined, unlike the side of Nikki we saw earlier.  Nikki sits down with her mom and tells her how much she likes Juan Pablo.  Her mom is very supportive and says she just wants to see her happy.  Nikki father, Tom, then sits down with Juan Pablo.  Tom tells Juan Pablo that he trusts his daughter and her decisions, but he also worries about her getting hurt.  Ultimately, he supports her and tells Juan Pablo that he would accept him and his daughter into their family.  Her dad then gives his support to her and tells her that no matter what they will stand by her and her decisions.  Very loving, supportive family.  Juan Pablo and Nikki kiss goodbye, but she still hasn’t told him that she loves him.

andi-and-jpg-on-hometowns-1392838804Juan Pablo now ventures off to Atlanta, GA to be with Andi and meeting her family.  Andi first takes Juan Pablo to the gun range.  Andi shoots first and BULLS-EYE!  She is tough!  She looks pretty hot doing it, but scary at the same time.  Juan Pabs tries next and he misses, misses, misses…. he can’t shoot a gun at all.  Then he FINALLY got a bullseye.  ugh… I don’t like guns though… this whole thing makes me uneasy!

Off to meet Andi’s family now.  Andi is nervous and doesn’t know how it’s going to go.  They have a sign for her that says “Welcome Home Pookie.”  He gets to meet her mom, dad, and sister and brother-in-law.  They start telling the family about the dating process and how many group dates she’s been on.  Her dad says “You were down to eight women and you still hadn’t had a one-on-one date?!”  Her dad doesn’t let up razzing him.  Andi’s mom, Patty, takes Juan Pablo aside first and asks what he likes about Andi.  Juan Pablo is visibly uncomfortable.  Patty then asked him to dance out on the porch.  He says “let’s call Andi, we’ll dance!”  hahaha… didn’t want to dance with just the mom.  I can’t blame him!!  He dances with Andi a bit and then dances with Patty.  They look like they’re all having fun.  Then her dad sits on the porch with Juan Pablo and he begins the grilling…. why did you want to go on the show?  What are you looking for?  Her dad tells him he has it backwards and he shouldn’t be looking first for who makes a good stepmom to Camila, he needs to find first who he has a connection with and THEN decide if she fits into his life with Camila.  You can tell that Juan Pabs does not agree with that.    JP then asks dad if he would be welcomed into his family if in the end he chooses Andi.  Dad says in his interview that he doesn’t know JP well enough to wish him any ill will, but it’s not about Andi finding someone, it’s about finding someone good enough.  He said he won’t give Juan Pablo an answer until his daughter is the only one left.   He can’t give his blessing while he dating three other women.

Andi then sits down with her sister and her sister says she can see the doubt in Andi.  That she just doesn’t know and she can tell Andi doesn’t know.  Andi was really hoping someone in the family would say “I totally see it… he’s the one for you”  to give her reassurance.  What I’m seeing is that these women are finding him incredibly attractive but they’re not connecting on a deeper level.  Andi though says that she just has this instinct with him and she’s very close to falling in love with him.

Renee hometownNow in sunny Sarasota, FL to Renee’s hometown!  Yay Renee!  I hope this goes well.  Juan Pablo is going with Renee to see her son Ben.  She says she hasn’t seen him in 2 months.  I actually doubt that that’s the case.  What was she doing when he was on his other hometown dates?  I think this is for the cameras, but I could be wrong, I suppose.  In any event, it was still neat to see them reunited and Juan Pablo meeting him.  It’s the first little league game Juan Pablo has seen and is just loving it.

Renee then takes her to meet her parents and her brother.  She takes her son up to his room and Juan Pablo sits down with her family and talks heart to heart with them.  Then her mom tells her that she wants her to be “in love”.  She said “You need to be IN LOVE… because, we love our pets, but you need to be IN love with him.”  Made me laugh.  I like Renee’s mom!  But again, Renee hasn’t told Juan Pablo that she loves him.  He kisses her goodbye, even asked her what she was thinking, and she still didn’t say it!!  I am seeing a definite theme here!!  These women either don’t have that strong of feelings for him or he picked women that all have a difficulties expressing their feelings.

Clare hometownFinal hometown date and it’s with Clare in Sacramento, CA.  Juan Pablo says when he’s with Clare he just feels good and there seems to be relaxation in his voice.  He looks very comfortable.  Clare tells him about what it was like when her dad was dying and questions she asked him.  Listening to her talk about her dad and how great he sounded and how close they were, makes me admire her strength for being able to share that information and yet keep it all together.  She’s not my favorite for Juan Pablo, but the girl is strong and confident, and that’s admirable.

The arrive at her family’s house and he’s meeting her mom, and 4 sisters and a brother-in-law.  Clare’s sisters are quite a bit older than she is so they’re all kind of like mother hens over her.  Her sister Madeline had a good talk with her and could see the love that Clare is feeling for him.  Three of the sisters seem to be on board.  Clare then sits down with her mom and another sister, Laura.  This sister is really coming down hard on Clare and says that she can’t give her blessing yet to Juan Pablo.  Clare goes on the defense and says they haven’t seen how happy she’s been even without the cameras.  Clare is trying to ask her mom how she feels about it all and Laura is just hovering over and telling Clare not to manipulate their mama.  Then Juan Pablo wants to sit down with her mom, and Laura jumps right in and won’t let Juan Pablo sit with her mom by himself.  Juan Pablo was able to set Laura’s mind at ease and she finally felt comfortable to get up and leave JP with her mom.  Clare’s mom says she’s supportive and trusts that they will make the right decision and that he will be welcomed in the family if he chooses Clare.  Juan Pablo says he really likes Clare’s mom.  Overall, despite Laura’s weird behavior, the hometown date went well.  Juan Pablo is so smooth, calm, level-headed through all of these crazy dates!

Back in Miami and now he has to eliminate someone after having met their families.  This definitely has to be one of the hardest weeks to send someone home aside from the final episode.  At this point, I really don’t know which one he will send home.  I am hoping for Nikki, but really unsure.

Roses get handed to… Nikki (darn!), Clare, Andi.   Aww man…. it’s Renee.  I knew they had mostly just a friendship, but I was really hoping they would develop more chemistry and be happy together.  Goodbye Renee.  We love you and hope you’re the next Bachelorette!!!  Juan Pablo is again crying at sending someone home, but I know this must be hard.  He tells her he respects her a lot and it’s really hard.  I sincerely believe he means that.  I hope they remain friends.  She’s a good person.

THEN tomorrow night!!!!  The fantasy suite dates in St Lucia!  All three of the girls crying, Andi says that “last night was a disaster”.   Apparently Juan Pablo admits to Andi that he had an overnight date with Clare (in other words, he had sex with her) the jokes that Andi is there by default.  “It’s fine” Juan Pablo says. “It’s not fine, how can it be fine?” Andi asks back to him.  Can’t wait to see how everything goes down.  Looks like “the most dramatic dates ever”!!  Fantasy suite dates are the most interesting to watch because as Jimmy Kimmel points out “It’s when Juan Pablo has sex with three girls to figure out which one he wants to marry” and we’re all just supposed to be okay with that.  So yeah, of course we’ll be tuning in.  🙂  Goodnight!

Juan Pablo final 3


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