Photo cred: US Magazine

Photo cred: US Magazine

So tonight is the infamous “fantasy suite” date night on The Bachelor.  Love it or hate it, it’s usually the most interesting episode of the season.  Juan Pablo and the remaining three ladies: Andi, Nikki, and Clare venture off to the island of Saint Lucia.  Sure seems like all of this traveling would be exhausting!

ClareHis first date is with Clare.  They take a tiny boat around looking at the sights and then they pull up to a beautiful yacht.  They talk for a bit and Clare keeps contemplating whether or not she’s going to take advantage of the fantasy suite.  She’s worried about setting a good example for Juan Pablo’s daughter after what happened in Vietnam.  To me, she totally has her mind made up, but she doesn’t want to come across to America as easy or whatever, so she’s acting all coy about it.  She knows exactly what she’s going to do.  She just wants Juan Pablo to chase her a bit.

For dinner they go down in this really cool cave that’s all candlelit and romantic setting.  After some conversation, Clare opens the Fantasy Suite card that states that if they should choose to forgo their individual rooms, there is a key to the fantasy suite.  Clare questions (paraphrasing here) why being in Saint Lucia is different than the time they spent together in Vietnam.  Juan Pablo explains that these are the overnight dates.  This is what the expectation is and so it’s different than what happened in Vietnam.  What a load of crap.  I really do like Juan Pablo, but the man wants to get laid and now his daughter and what she thinks of this whole thing doesn’t matter.  Once they get to the fantasy suite, Clare tells him she’s falling in love with him.  They get in the hot tub, and the rest is history….

AndiNext morning, Juan Pablo has his date with Andi.  The walk the streets of the town and come to this little seafood festival thing going on.  They get to have fun playing some drums, eating local food, and playing soccer with some children that are around.  Then they got in a land buggie thing and drove to the jungle area and get to Latille Falls.  They talk about her hometown date and meeting her family… how intimidating her father was, but that he has a right to be protective.  JP and Andi relax under the waterfall and she is just on cloud nine.  She definitely seems smitten.

At dinner, Juan Pablo addresses his concern to Andi about how she said she “badly” wants to fall in love.  Juan Pablo said that forcing things won’t turn out well, so he wants to make sure she’s not forcing anything.  She said that wanting things strongly is different than forcing things and as much as she wants to fall in love, she doesn’t want it forced either.  Andi reads the fantasy suite and says that if he’s serious about them then she definitely wants to do the fantasy suite.  They go to the fantasy suite… they start kissing…. lights go out…. rest is history…. Juan Pablo is again, a very lucky man.

Juan Pablo wakes up in the morning and says in his interview that last night he and Andi talked and “talked” for hours…. hours…. HOURS.  Juan Pablo says that Andi could be the one… she’s just so cute, they have great chemistry, they just get along well.  He seems almost giddy.  THEN, we see Andi and she’s says “waking up in the morning, I just couldn’t wait to get out of the fantasy suite.”  Whoa… two completely different takes on what went on last night!  She said the fantasy suite turned into a nightmare… she saw a side of him that she didn’t really like.  “I really hope he did not think that that was a good date.”  Oh my!!  She explains that every time she tried to talk about her life, her past, her aspirations, he would turn it on to himself and started talking about what he wanted.  She said she felt like he didn’t care about her feelings or anything about her.  He didn’t ask her any questions about herself.  Kept telling all of these stories, name dropping, and then the icing on the cake was that he said that he just had an overnight date with Clare.  She says she just knows now that he’s not the one.  There’s nothing to figure out.

IMG_20140225_224604_808Now it’s his date with Nikki.  Nikki really couldn’t be any more revealing in what she’s wearing.   She has pants on, but basically no top.  They go horseback riding on the beach and then a little picnic. They talk about how Juan Pablo told Nikki’s dad that he wasn’t 100% sure on which girl he’s going to pick and that makes Nikki feel very uneasy.  Nikki’s hoping to be able to tell him tonight that she loves him.

They sit down at dinner, Nikki reads the fantasy suite card, and she accepts.  Juan Pablo says “Nikki and I get to be together… FINALLY.”   The two go to the fantasy suite and Nikki tells him that she loves him.  After what Andi said, Juan Pablo definitely seems less attractive to me.  I have been noticing over the last few episodes how little he actually has a conversation with the women.  He just pets their faces and hair a lot and kisses them whenever they try talking.  I’m glad smart women like Sharleen and Andi have seen through this and have realized that they want and deserve more.  What a disappointment Juan Pablo has turned out to be.

Juan Pablo sits down with Chris Harrison, stressing over this decision that he thinks he has to make, but little does he know that Andi has fallen out of infatuation with him.  I wish I had a counter for how many times Juan Pablo said “overnight” in this episode.  That was clearly his focus this week.

He then watches the video messages from the ladies… Nikki first, then Clare…. then Andi’s which says she wants to share her thoughts with him in person.  She makes the long walk to where Juan Pablo is and they sit down together.  Andi starts talking, Juan Pablo starts petting her hair.  She tells him that she just realized that he wasn’t the one for her, and that she doesn’t see them together.  Juan Pablo very flippantly says “that’s okay… if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be.  It’s okay” and just shrugs.  Wow, way to make a girl feel like she meant something!  He had a similar reaction when Sharleen left.  Maybe it’s a defense mechanism, but it definitely comes across as flippant.  She calls him out on that and he blames it on the language barrier.  He said she only has one man to think about but he has other women he has to think about.  Through this conversation he tells her he barely picked her over Renee.  She says he said she was there by default, but he corrects her and says that he said she was barely there over Renee.  Wow…. not winning any points with me, buddy.

Juan Pablo said in his interview that the argument just killed it for him.  If she wanted to say, he would say no, he says.  The fact that Juan Pablo saw her voicing her opinion as a turn off is a huge red flag for me.  He wants someone who is just going to agree with him, smile, look pretty, and let him do whatever he wants to do.  ICK!  This whole episode just killed everything for me.  Team Andi for being the next Bachelorette!!!

Clare and Nikki come out at the rose ceremony… Nikki looks confused and almost pissed that her BFF Andi isn’t there.  Juan Pablo says Andi chose to go home, that she didn’t see a future with him.   He explains it hurt…  YEAH RIGHT.  He did not seem hurt at all.  He gives the roses to the two remaining girls, and they both accept.  Blah… I seriously don’t care who he picks at this point.

Next week the Women Tell All Episode, and the following week is the finale “that no one will see coming” Chris Harrison says.  I’m hoping both the girls decide they’re too good for him.

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