IMG_2649Last episode we saw Johnny and Nany return from Exile and are back in the game.  Then Sarah and Jordan nominated LeRoy and Nia to go into the Dome against Jay and Jenna…. which created a huge tornado of drama when Nia started yelling at everyone.  That got Nany especially heated up, and that’s where tonight’s episode starts off…. with the two of them at each other’s throats.



Nia getting heated up got Johnny Bananas fired up.  Now Leroy and Bananas are at odds.  Sarah tells the house that of course she wants to go to the finals with the easiest teams… that’s how you win the game.  She’s been on the show for 8 seasons and has never won a final.  Bananas agrees with Sarah and Jordan’s move and says that’s exactly how the game gets played if you want to win.

IMG_2652The Dome elimination: Wes and Teresa, Leroy and Nia, come out into the dome. TJ announces that the challenge is “Hall Brawl”.   They have done this before on different challenge seasons.  The contestants start on either side of the hallway.  On go, the guys will race towards each other and do whatever they can to get to the other side.  When the guys get to the other side, the women can take off into the hallway and do the same thing in order to get to the other side and ring the bell first.  I would be SHOCKED if Wes and Teresa win this… Leroy and Nia are just so much bigger.  The guys take off and Wes dives into a fetal position trying to stop Leroy.  Leroy just walks right over the top of him and gets to the other side, sending Nia running down the hallway.  She collides with Teresa right in Teresa’s face, manages to get past her easily and then rings her bell.  Leroy and Nia – 1, Wes and Teresa – 0.  However, Wes is on the ground and not moving.  The medics are tending to him.  Nany mutters “It sucks to suck” and laughing.  Wes gets up and says his back is killing.  TJ tries to tell him it’s not worth it and he shouldn’t compete.  But after Wes talks with Teresa he decides to continue anyway.  He and Leroy run at each other, and Wes ducks low again and Leroy climbs over him again and runs to the opposite end.  Nia and Teresa run at each other now and Teresa’s really fighting hard.  She’s pulling Nia as far as she can away from her goal but ultimately Nia still gets to her bell first and wins it for her and Leroy.  I am so sad to see Wes go home!!  He played such a good game and if Johnny Bananas had not come back from Exile, he could have easily won this whole thing! Bananas and Nany are gloating now and it’s just hard to watch.

The next morning, Nia “makes an apology tour” (as Sarah puts it) and says she’s sorry to the others in the house.  She actually seems very sincere and calm.  The group pack their bags and they’re off to Panama City for a nighttime challenge…. never before have they done a nighttime challenge.  The name of the challenge is “Never Let Me Down.” Using a series of 5 different ropes, they need to scale a skyscraper building and make their way down it.  Both teammates will start out on a large plank that’s sticking out from the 50 story building and make their way down their own rope.  When they get to the end of the rope they will need to transfer to the next rope.  They will do this five times.  But they have to wait for their partner to reach other bottom of their rope too before they can move to the rope.  Whichever team makes it the farther faster wins.

IMG_2660Leroy and Nia, Jay and Jenna are up first.  The other teams don’t get to watch, they can only listen. This is the scariest challenge yet.  There is no way I could do this challenge with how afraid of heights I am!  The teams are off!  Leroy and Nia are to the bottom of the first ropes and need to transfer to the next.  After some hesitation, they go for it and Nia misses the rope and plummets several stories.  Scariest thing ever!!  Leroy decides he just has to go for it and try to complete it as fast as possible so that if any other person falls off at that same point, at least he will be faster than their remaining player.  Jenna is struggling on her team to make the transfer.  Jay did it without too much of a problem.   Jenna reaches out, gets the second rope, and then is able to keep going. Leroy then makes it to the bottom and rings his bell. When Jenna gets to the third rope she loses her grip and ends up sliding down the rope and ultimately falls off.  Jay keeps going but then he falls off too.

Now Sarah and Jordan are up and Bananas and Nany.  Again, Jordan is at a huge disadvantage because he doesn’t even have much of a right hand.  Sarah and Jordan make the first transfer well.  However, Nany is struggling to make the switch to the second rope.  When Sarah tries to make the transfer to the third rope she falls, and shortly later Jordan falls as well.  Nany on her team is really struggling and Bananas is having trouble hanging on.  That leaves Nany by herself up there.  Nany makes it to the third rope and then loses her grip and falls.  The teams don’t know who fell off where, so they really don’t have an idea of how well they placed.

TJ announces that the two teams in last place are Leroy and Nia and Bananas and Nany.  The last place is obviously Leroy and Nia because as a team they only got to the second rope.  The team that is the power couple and going to the final is Sarah and Jordan!!!!  Love Sarah!!  So happy for her!!!

IMG_2664TJ then tells Sarah and Jordan they have to decide right now who is going into the dome with Leroy and Nia.  Sarah whispers in Jordan’s ear and he immediately says “what?! no!  no no no no.”  Sarah is like “c’mon… we have to… yes!”  Sarah then announces what she wants is for Bananas and Nany to go in.  She wants to make it easier to win the final.  Bananas is infuriated with Sarah and Jay calls it the ballsiest move in Challenge history.  Bananas, who earlier in the episode, was congratulating Sarah on her game play and agreeing that you have to eliminate strong players, is now the victim of that same scenario.  However, Jordan’s not on board with this and we don’t know how it will pan out.  It is TO BE CONTINUED…..

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