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Last week’s episode ended with Sarah and Jordan choosing who goes into the final duel competition with the losers of the challenge, Leroy and Nia.  Sarah’s vote was for Johnny and Nany and Jordan’s vote was for Jay and Jenna.  So let’s see how this pans out and who ends up going in….

So it looks like Sarah’s decision sticks and it really is the ballsiest move that has been played in a very long time on The Challenge.  Johnny and Nany did not see that coming, they thought Sarah had their backs.  But Sarah wants to win and she knows it will be very hard to do with Johnny in the final.  Sarah feels terrible about it though and she’s very scared of facing them.

They walk into the hotel in Panama City and Nia immediately starts attacking both Sarah and Jordan.  Johnny tells Sarah she’s just as big of a snake as Wes is in the game.  He then calls her “a modern day Judas.”  Leroy gets mad at Nia for yelling at Sarah instead of getting her head in the game at the elimination.  Sarah just sits on the couch as Nany takes her shots at her now too.  I have to hand it to Sarah though, she’s staying very calm through everyone yelling at her.

The cast then gets a text from TJ that tells them to look in the minibar.  At the minibar they find envelopes with each of their names on it.  Inside are plane tickets to Norway!!  They’re leaving in the morning for Norway!!  Nany then asks where Norway is.  Oh boy.  Sarah finally breaks down and cries because she finally breaks from all the horrible things people were saying to her.

They arrive in Norway in a very cool hotel and are served a very nice dinner.  Sarah feels the tension towards them and Jay and Jenna don’t like that they have been called “a lay up” or an easy way for the others to win.

The four who are on the chopping block go in to a bedroom and start mocking Sarah.  Sarah can hear every word they’re saying from the other room.  Jordan finally shouts out to Nia “You can’t quit on challenges and talk sh*t about anyone else!”  So then Nia comes out and gets all in Jordan’s face saying she’s won 3 elimination challenges, etc.  Meanwhile Leroy is getting mad that Nia keeps getting heated and in people’s faces because they can’t change any of the decisions that were made.  No amount of yelling is going to change anything.  Then Nia really crosses the line going after Jordan about him having a vagina and she touches his crotch and says she’s talking about “this.”  Jordan says in his interview “we can’t touch you there (meaning a guy can’t touch a girl like that) so don’t touch me there.”  Nia then calls him a fa**ot and goes on to say more derogatory things included that the gays already love her so they won’t turn against her for the things she said.  Ugh!

Nia touching Jordan

Later, TJ shows up.  Oh please tell me they’re going to kick Nia out!!  TJ calls the gang all today.  TJ tells Nia “I want you to grab your stuff and come with me.”  Nia packs her bags and she’s gone.  The rest don’t know yet if it’s part of the game or if she is being kicked out for putting her hands on Jordan.

The group goes out to party, because that’s what they do.  Leroy is sad that Nia isn’t there and he’s worried.  Meanwhile Nany is taking shot after shot and getting really drunk.  Which really makes Johnny Bananas mad because they have elimination coming up.  They get her back to the hotel and she and Jenna are falling all over the place.  They are a mess!!

Elimination time and Leroy still doesn’t have his partner.  TJ finally explains that Nia crossed the line physically with somebody and “we here at The Challenge do not take that lightly – So she’s out of the game.”  Then TJ says “Fortunately for you, you have more than one ex….” and out walks THERESA!!!  As Bananas puts it “he just got rid of a donkey and replaced it with a race horse.”  Wow, that just does not seem fair.  This is going to be interesting!!

“X-Battle” is the name of the challenge.  Rip the X out of the opponent’s hand.  The guys are up first.  Leroy and Bananas place their hands on the X bars.  They’re really scrapping for it!  They eventually get out of bounds and have to start over again.  Johnny believes he has fractured his rib.  They start again and Leroy gets it!  Now the ladies are up.  Teresa and Nany are ultimate rivals.  Nany just whips the thing and hip checks Theresa onto the ground.  Teresa starts kicking Nany in the face.  This is just purely brutal to watch!  Theresa got it and she Leroy have won and are in the finals!!!  Theresa’s first final!!

Final Challenge!!!  TJ explains to them about Norseman mythology about trolls creating roadblocks along their path and making people perform tasks, sometimes simply for their own amusement, before they can continue.  They will go along this path and pass these checkpoints, completing the tasks, all the way up Mount Slogan.  TJ tells them they HAVE to finish to get money.  First task is to take a helicopter, jump from the helicopter into the water, get on kayak and row 10 miles.

They take off in their helicopters and then it’s TO BE CONTINUED…..  We will find out the results of the final next week!!  Woohoo!!  I wish I could have Sarah and Leroy win first place.  🙂

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