Just finished tonight’s episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart and Jeff Probst made a huge announcement about next season!  The cast will be chosen by America!!  Woohoo!!  Fans will choose ALL 20 of the castaways from previous seasons of Survivor to vie for the title of “Sole Survivor” once more as they will receive the ultimate second chance.  Survivor fans can go to http://www.cbs.com/survivorsecondchance to vote from a list of 32 preselected past survivor castaways for who they would like to see in the new season.  However, one GLARING (possible?) mistake was that in this list were Carolyn Rivera (“Mama C”) and Mike Holloway who are still appearing in THIS season and have not been voted off yet.  To me, that’s huge evidence (and spoiler) that they do not win and probably do not even place in the top 3.  What are your thoughts?

Here are the castaways to choose from:



So many of these women have been so forgettable it’s hard to choose!  But my gut on who I would vote for is as follows:

Kelly Wiglesworth (this is a MUST!!), Kass McQuillen, Abi-Maria Gomes, Mikayla Wingle (I think??), Keith Nale, Joe Anglim (he was robbed this season!!), Spencer Bledsoe (had a love-hate relationship with him last season but I think he made things interesting and played well), Vytas Baskauskas….. and possibly Mike Holloway from this season.  Since he’s become an underdog he’s been more likable.

Who’s got your vote and do you think CBS gave away some spoilers?

UPDATE!!  After watching the videos on the above link of each contestant I’d also like to add Ciera Eastin.  She was awesome when she was on Blood vs Water with her mom.  I just didn’t recognize her in the picture!  I highly recommend watch the videos!  Also, it should be noted I’m only voting for Abi-Maria because she’s psycho and it will be make it fun.

UPDATE #2: Jeff Probst had this to say in an EW interview:

You are calling this twist “Second Chance,” and you clearly mentioned it’s for people that did not win the first time around. But you have two people in Mike and Carolyn that are still in contention for the current season airing. By having them be potential contestants in a second chance season, isn’t that a huge spoiler in big neon letters that they do not win this season?
Oh my God, I didn’t even think of this! You’ve just caught me off guard! [Laughs] As you would expect from Survivor, we found a way to add a little twist, a little layer of mystery, into the Second Chance voting. So the definition of Second Chance is, contestants who have only played once and never won. So, that means either Mike and Carolyn both lost, or one of them could be, ultimately, ineligible.

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  1. likalaruku says:

    I saw the contest thing right after Mike got the boot, but it definitely spoiled that Carolyn wouldn’t make it to the end.

  2. delyla says:

    Sounded like a spoiler to me too! Kinda ticked me off. I haven’t really like anyone this season but Joe; however, I am also liking Mike here lately. Or rather, I have been pulling for him since it has been everyone against one!

  3. LKH says:

    Past winners have been on all-star shows before, so there’s no reason to make any assumptions from this. With Mike’s hidden immunity idol gone, he has to win immunity pretty much from here out or he’s toast, but I think Mama C has a good chance of getting to the end and even winning.

  4. Mandarin says:

    My votes:


    I watched all the videos and picked who I liked. I was definitely upset when I saw Mike and Carolyn on the list. Also happy to see Joe on the list and sad that Ozzy was missing, though this wouldn’t be his second chance.

  5. Aaron R says:

    I can’t believe that the producers screwed this up. they’ve done such an amazing job with this show to date… BUMMER!

  6. Judy Marasco says:

    It’s a total spoiler! I’m pissed to see Mike and Momma C in this line up! That stinks!

  7. Mike has my vote and yes u did give it up . Rodney is a ass but may win.

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