Bachelor in Paradise: Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

As seen in last night’s episode, Jared asked Clare out on a date which set Mikey and Ashley I off.  Mikey is very very bitter.  On their date, Jared and Clare go sailing.  The sailboat pulls up to a crane and it appears they will be going bungee jumping together.  Clare is very nervous but Jared seems cool as a cucumber and tries to calm her down.  He then gives her a kiss before they take their plunge.  They had a great time!

Meanwhile back at the resort Juelia is still all about Joe but Joe is not interested and the rest of the gang is picking up on it except for Juelia.  Then Clare comes back and tells the girls about her date and Ashley I can overhear everything and it’s just torture for her listening to the details.

New guy comes and it’s Michael from Des’s season.  I do not remember him at all!  He’s hoping to meet Tenley.  He has a date card and he immediately goes for Tenley. He asks her to go on the date and she agrees.  Now she has THREE guys pining after her.

Mikey takes Juelia aside to try to woo her and then try to kiss her and she declines.  Mikey is really bad at reading people!!

Michael and Tenley have dinner on their date and Michael tells her that she was always his Plan A and he doesn’t have a Plan B.  He admires how positive she is and she’s always smiling.

Back at the resort, Jared kind of lets Clare down and says she’s eight years older than him and that does play a factor.  I also think that there just isn’t a spark there.

Back on Tenley and Michael’s date, they’re really hitting it off and a GIGANTIC mariachi band comes out and plays for them.  The two dance and laugh and have a great time.

The cocktail party begins at the resort and Juelia says she knows who she’s giving her rose to and implies it’s Joe.  Joe just sits there.  Hardly a reaction at all out of him.  Ashley S says Juelia’s being played and it’s hard to watch.  Immediately Jonathon pulls Juelia aside and asks if she’s 100% on her decision. He then tells her that he doesn’t think Joe is there for her or the right reasons.  But Juelia thinks that Jonathon is just trying to get a rose and stay another week.  Then Mikey tells Juelia he was thinking the same thing.  So then Juelia pulls Joe aside to tell him what the other guys said.  Joe reassures her that they’re just trying to get her rose.  Then he kisses her to reassure her some more.  Meanwhile he’s saying in his interview he’ll just do whatever it takes to stay another week.

Mikey confronts Joe about politicking for a rose.  Joe says he does like her.  Then Joe goes up to Jonathon about throwing him under the bus.  Jonathon says he doesn’t want to go home and he’s just caught up in the game.  Joe tells Jonathon that he wants him to say it to Juelia that he just got caught up in the game and that he doesn’t feel that Joe isn’t there for the right reasons.  Jonathon says while crying that he’s so sorry and he has messed with his character and he never meant to jeopardize his friendship and Joe.  Then Jonathon goes in a bathroom and cries and Joe goes to comfort him.  They hug it out and are friends again.

Tenley has a hard decision to make between Joshua, JJ, and Michael.  Jared tells Ashley I that he wants to get to know better and then kisses her.  I did not see that happening!  It’s about time for the rose ceremony and Clare launches into this weird speech about being there to find love.  Jade calls her out at the rose ceremony and says she’s offended by her speech because she feels she is there for love as well as a number of other people.  Clare says “if the shoe fits, wear it!”  Ouch.  Clare’s just having a big pity party for herself.

Carly gives her rose to Kirk, Ashley S gives hers to Dan, Jade to Tanner, Tenley decides to give hers to Joshua…… then Clare walks off and says she needs a minute.  Everyone is not happy about the drama she’s bringing to this.  My guess is she’s going to give a rose to JJ.


Bachelor in Paradise: Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

Episode three starts off right after the rose ceremony of episode 2.  All the ladies that got a rose and the men who handed them out and just relaxing and mingling and Lauren is kind of being a wet blanket because she didn’t get a rose but because she’s Ashley’s sister, they’re a package and she gets to stay.  Ashley I is then focused on Lauren and the two of them are being their own clique and being miserable together and separated from the rest of the group.  “This is my personal hell” Lauren says as she begins to cry and says she wants to go home.

The next morning Lauren tells the guys she has someone that she’s so in love with…. she’s his “mistress”… but the guy isn’t married, but she can’t call him her boyfriend.  Clare says “who calls themselves a mistress?? Awkward!”  So now Lauren’s sobbing saying she shouldn’t even be on the show.  Lauren really wants Joshua from Kaitlyn’s season to show up.

Lo and Behold, the next person to show up is Joshua!!  Everyone is welcoming to Joshua except JJ.  JJ thinks he’s a rat.  Ashley takes Joshua aside and tries to sell him on the idea of taking out Lauren.  Joshua said he has some other women to get to know too before he decides who to take on his date.  Tenley is also aggressively seeking Joshua’s attention as well.  JJ isn’t feeling threatened though by Joshua talking to Tenley.  After talking with Tenley, Joshua asked Tenley out and she accepts!  They are pretty darn cute together already!

After Joshua picks Tenley, Lauren starts packing her bags and Ashley I is a basketcase.  She leaves to go be a mistress with her man back home.  No one seemed to care because no one really got to know her and she was a big downer.

Tenley and Joshua leave for the date and JJ is clearly jealous but tries to pretend that he’s still going to win Tenley over.  Then Joe from Kaitlyn’s season shows up!  Then he reads his date card… I swear he can hardly read it.  So he gets a pick of the girls to ask out.  Joe is just flaking out though and being super quiet and awkward.  Joe says to Clare, “what is this, your second time at Paradise?” she says yes.  He then says “that’s terrible” and totally disses her.  So then she gets up and walks away and cries in her bedroom while talking to the raccoons again.  Hilarious!

Joe then asks a small group if anyone would like to go horseback riding with him.  Juelia says “well I would like to go” and he says, “okay sweet.” Then there’s this awkwardness and no one can even tell if he actually asked Juelia out on the date or not.  It was so uncomfortable!!

Joshua and Tenley go out on their date which is a night out on the town.  The two talk about how Joshua majored in theater and Tenley is a professional dancer and worked for Disney as a princess for a number of years.  They have really good conversation and they seem very comfortable with each other.  So they get back and JJ says to her, “your night has just begun” and asks her to go for a walk and then he kisses her.  Well after JJ falls asleep, Joshua goes back to Tenley and they start kissing.

Next morning, Juelia and Joe get ready to go on their date and Jonathon is a bit jealous and nervous he might not get a rose.  Tenley is still on a high from the previous night’s date with Joshua.  But later, Joshua talks about doing Molly on more than one occasion. Everyone starts getting a little concerned about Tenley.  So Mikey T and Dan decide to tell Tenley what Joshua said about doing drugs, having sex, and not remembering what you did the next day.  The guys warn her this isn’t just a thing of his past, he’s currently still doing these things and finding it funny.  Tenley is upset because she was excited about the chemistry she felt with Joshua. She doesn’t want to waste any more time on a guy that isn’t right for her.

Joe and Juelia go on their date and go horseback riding.  Jonathon is disappointed sitting back at the resort waiting for Juelia to come back from her date with Joe.  On Joe and Juelia’s date they talk about her daughter, Ireland, and Joe says he’s looking forward to being a parent someday.  Joe says he admires her for taking this chance even though she has a daughter back home.  She says she hasn’t been feeling any romantic feelings yet (sorry Jonathon!) but now she’s feeling it for him already.

Tenley pulls Joshua aside and confronts him about the conversation he had with some of the people there.  He says he’s never been a big partier.  He says Molly is highly over rated, not his lifestyle, and he only did it that one time.  Tenley is a bit confused now because she’s kind of believing what he says.  So she decides to eat some mango and hang out with JJ a bit.

Juelia and Joe get back from their date and she’s so excited to tell everyone about it but Joe is so lowkey and just said it was “okay.”  Ashley I speculates to Dan that Mikey’s going home because Clare isn’t feeling it.  So Dan feels the need to warn Mikey that he might be going home.  Dan tells him that he’s being vocal about not being into him and Mikey just doesn’t believe it.  He doesn’t get it.  So Mikey pulls Tenley aside to ask her and she tells him that Clare is hoping to have some time with Jared.  Mikey says he shouldn’t have to try so hard and Tenley says “yeah, don’t try.”

That night, Juelia is still super happy from her date.  She asks Jonathon to sit down with her.  She tells Jonathon he’s super positive, and fun, but she just doesn’t know if they have any romantic chemistry together.  Jonathon is feeling bad he put all of his eggs into one basket.  Joe then says to the producer “she’s not that smart, is she?” Producer asks how the date was, “he said it was okay, but not the right girl.” Producer: “how was the kiss?” Joe: “Not good.” Producer: “Why did you let her kiss her?” Joe: “I want the rose.” Joe says he wants a rose from Juelia so that maybe next week Samantha from Chris’s season comes and he gives her the rose.  He was hoping that she would already be there when he arrived.

Next date card arrives and it’s for Jared.  He has to choose who to take on a date with him… is it going to be Clare or Ashley I?  Then he asks Clare if she would like to go and she accepts. So Ashley I is upset and Mikey is upset.  Ashley is just a mess.  Jared tries to smooth things over with Mikey.  Mikey’s not having it, he says it just doesn’t feel right.  Clare then tries to talk to Mikey, and he is really mad at her and an argument ensues. Clare ultimately gets fed up and leaves and says “then you’re not the right guy for me. Glad I made the right decision!”

The rest will be continued in Episode 4!!

Have you wondered about the sand art on The Goodnight Show on Sprout?

Nina and Star

My kids love Nina and The Goodnight Show on Sprout.  I have often wondered, “Does Nina actually do the sand art herself on the show?”  The answer is no, she does not.  She has team of people who develop the sand art ideas and stories and she simply narrates them.  While Michele Lepe, the actress who plays Nina, is a talented actress, the 39 year-old does not have the talent of being a sand artist.  She often avoids answering the question directly as to not spoil the illusion that she is the artist, but on her blog she did answer someone’s question by stating this:

Sand storiesWhether she is the artist or not, it does not take away from the fact that the sand stories are very cool and one of my children’s favorite parts of the show.  Check it out below!

Bachelor in Paradise wedding was FAKE!!!


It’s true, the wedding that took place on the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was a complete fake!  Marcus and Lacy from Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise found love last year in Mexico. What they didn’t find this year was a marriage license either in Mexico or The U.S.!  Not only that, but TMZ  reports that a wedding isn’t even planned for the near future for the couple since Marcus is still finishing up his Coast Guard training.  They appeared to have a gorgeous wedding on the first episode complete with family guests as the whole cast from Season 2 looked on.  I did notice that the cast seemed more emotional over the ordeal than the family did, and now we know why!! Once again, The Bachelor producers have duped us!!  Pretending something is real for the sake of ratings when in actuality it is all contrived and fake! I am shocked!! (Enter sarcasm).

Kim Richards busted for shoplifting at Target

TMZ is reporting that RHOBH star Kim Richards was arrested Sunday for shoplifting about $600 worth from a Target in the Valley.  It is unclear if she was under the influence of drugs/alcohol at the time.  Kim has only been out of rehab for a few weeks now.  She was released from jail on Monday after posting the $5000 bail. 

This is incredibly sad to watch her self destruct. I believe she has a number of fans and loved ones rooting for her to just get better.  She has had recent falling outs with her sister Kyle and other family members for her behavior while fighting addiction.  Just get better, Kim!!

Bachelor in Paradise: Season 2 Premiere – Part 2 recap

Bachelor in Paradise cast

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was interesting.  Ashley I’s sister, Lauren, was allowed to come on the show.  We quickly saw exactly why Ashley has such a low self esteem.  Lauren was nit picking everything about Ashley… everything from her appearance down to her choice of words while asking Jared out on a date.  I’m sure Lauren’s intentions are good, but it left Ashley second guessing everything she was doing.  Then there’s Ashley S who, at the end of the episode, was whisked away to the hospital for some unknown reason.  Meanwhile Jade and Tanner seemed to be making a connection, and Clare, from Juan Pablo’s season showed up right at the end of the episode.  Click here to get full details of last night’s season 2 premiere.

Tonight’s episode starts off with Clare greeting the cast.  Clare has the task of choosing a guy to go out on a date with.  The girls try to steer her towards asking Dan Cox out but he just got back with Ashley S from the hospital.  Clare feels like she’s stuck with Mikey or JJ because everyone else is already paired up.  She is not excited about that.  Clare confides in a crab to help give her clarity.  Just like last season when she befriended a raccoon.  This girl is a little nuts.

The next morning Clare gets up and everyone’s kind of giving her the cold shoulder except Mikey.  He’s the only one giving her any attention.  He takes her aside and tells her that he would love to go out on a date with her.  She reluctantly accepts his offer.  She says she doesn’t usually go for the beefcake guys like Mikey.  So they go out on the date and have to do tantric yoga/chakra with each other.  It’s just completely awkward having to touch their bodies against each other in odd, twisting positions.  He says his favorite position was “downward Clare.”  Ugh.  They go in a hot tub afterwards and Mikey tells her that he’s really attracted to her.  Clare tries to let him down easy and tries to tell him she doesn’t want to give him the wrong idea, and there are guys she hasn’t even talked to, etc.  Basically she’s saying she’d like to keep her options open and he responds with “I really want to kiss you right now!”  What?!!  Clare says “no!!! I just got done telling you….” Then Mikey says in his interview that he’s happy he and Clare are on the same page and that she wants to get to know him better.  The guy is not listening!!

The next date card arrives and it is for Ashley S and she obviously chooses Dan.  Tenley is bummed because she doesn’t have anything going with any of the guys yet.  On the date, Ashley S and Dan talk about how their first date at the hospital was one of the best dates she’s been on.  Dan said that he feels like Ashley really gets him.  Ashley says she likes him a lot!  They are oddly cute together.

Tenley sees Jared walking on the beach and decides to cease that opportunity to go talk to him.  Ashley I sees Tenley talking to him and immediately freaks out and starts crying her eyes out over it and they’re just talking!  So Ashley I goes up to Tenley and asks to steal Jared away.  Ashley I then talks to Jared about how she’s worried about other girls stealing him away.  Jared tells her he’s just taking it slow and seeing what happens.  So basically he’s keeping his options open and doesn’t make Ashley I feel secure at all.

Cocktail party time…. JJ says he’s relishing having the power tonight and he’s looking forward to the women having to work for his rose.  JJ sits down with Jillian first and she’s aggressive in a manly kind of way.  I think she kind of scares him.  Then Tenley sits down with JJ and tells him that to see if there’s anything between them maybe they should kiss and she gives him permission to give her a kiss.  Tenley shocked herself for being so bold and having fun.  She’s kind of on a high now.  It’s super cute.  Ashley I then finally got a bit of confirmation from Jared that she’s beautiful and that she hasn’t been awkward around him.  But then Jared talks to Clare and tells her that if she doesn’t have a rose by the time his name is called, his rose is going to her.  That really blew Clare away.  She wasn’t expecting that.  Clare then says “if I do get a rose from another guy first, can we still spend time together?” Jared says he would love to spend time together.  I kind of like the idea of Clare and Jared together.  Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Clare, they seem cute together!  So much better than Ashley I!

Rose ceremony!  Tanner is up first… obviously his rose goes to Jade.  Kirk gives his rose to Carly, no surprise.  Dan gives to Ashley S.  Jonathon to Juelia.  Mikey gives his rose to Clare.  Jared then gives his rose to Ashley I…. would have been fun to spiced that up if Mikey hadn’t given his rose to Clare already.  JJ has the final rose….. JJ says he’s not ready, he doesn’t like this.  It’s between Jillian or Tenley…. he chooses Tenley… and completely stuns Jillian.  Jillian runs off and JJ tells Tenley he’s happy she’s here.  Jillian says she just want to find someone to love her.  😦

Bachelor in Paradise: Season 2 (2015) Premiere – Recap

As one friend put it “we only suffer through the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons in order to get to Bachelor in Paradise.”  Seriously, this is where the good reality TV drama lies.  I know the show is ridiculous, laughable, crazy, but it’s still highly entertaining.  From the show’s teasers, it looks like this season will be just as good as last season of Bachelor in Paradise and previous seasons of Bachelor Pad.

The premiere starts out introducing this year’s cast of Bachelor in Paradise.  Ashley I… the crying virgin from Chris Soules’s season.  Ashley says she wishes her sister, Lauren, could come.  “She’s the slut version of me,” Ashley says.  Then there’s Jared from Kaitlyn’s season who is still hung up on Kaitlyn.  Ashley S, the crazy, possibly drug addict, girl from Chris Soules’s season. Tanner from Kaitlyn’s season…. the guy who never had a chance with Kaitlyn.  Jade, the playboy model from Chris’s season as well.  Ahhh weather alert cut into the show!  Sorry if I miss someone.  Tenley, from Jake’s season, who I am so excited to see on this show!  She is a beautiful soul… I’ve been following her on Facebook.  She was with Kiptyn for many years off an on after they both appeared on Bachelor Pad.  Now he just had a baby with a girl he met shortly after Tenley and he broke up.

Jade is the first one to arrive to Paradise.  Then Jared follows.  Oh those two would be cute together, wouldn’t they?!  Jade and Jared meet each other and Jared immediately takes her hand.  Then Tenley then Carly from Chris’s season shows up.  Oh Carly’s on!!  Love her!!  Then Jonathon from Kaitlyn’s season, and then Tanner.  Then Michael T….. ugh… was he the wrestler?  Then Ashley shows up and with her sister Lauren.  Chris Harrison pretends to be shocked, but we all know he knows what’s going on.  Tenley kind of freaks when she sees Ashley I and says “Noooo.”  The other girls think it’s not fair that Ashley gets to bring her sister, but the guys are very excited to have Lauren there.

Mikey takes Lauren aside right away and starts going after her.  She seems very receptive to it, which is good for Mikey because the other girls were not going for him.  Juelia from Chris’s season then walks in and they all observe Mikey and Lauren in the ocean together.  Kirk from Ali’s season arrives…. I don’t even remember him!

Lauren then tells Ashley that she doesn’t like Mikey and that she likes Jared, but she’s willing to “give” Jared to Ashley.  Dan Cox then arrives as well… I can’t place him.  Then Jillian comes and the sisters freak out!  Apparently Jillian has “great new boobs” according to Lauren…. they’re great friends, I guess.  Carly seems to be digging on Kirk.  Jade says she hopes there’s no douchebags and then out walks JJ. The girls seem completely put off that he’s there.  Ugh!!! Weather alert breaking into my broadcast again!!  I know we’re having a severe storm, but I need to watch this!!!  🙂

Broadcast comes back on and Ashley S walks on.  It looks like that is the cast for now.  Chris Harrison greets the cast and lets them know how it’s going to go. At each rose ceremony, if you’re not coupled up, you will be going home.  This week the men will be the ones handing out the roses.  If a girl doesn’t get a rose, she will be going home.  He then drops the bomb that if one of the sisters is picked, then they both get to stay.  They are a package deal.  That’s a bizarre twist!

Then Chris invites the cast to come with him for a surprise.  They’re sitting on benches on the beach and everyone is confused.  Then more guests start coming and sitting on the other side of the aisle and the cast put it together that it’s a wedding, but they don’t know who.  Then they see that it’s Marcus and they figure out it’s Marcus and Lacey getting married in the very spot where they met last year!  Lacey looks absolutely stunning.  Chris Harrison is the officiant and the bride and groom wrote their own vows.  Very beautiful, and the majority of the cast (at least the women) are choked up.  They are now married!! Lacey threw the bouquet and Juelia caught it.

So the weather alert just cut out 20 minutes of Bachelor in Paradise!  You’re killing me WZZM13!!  Finally the show comes back on and Ashley I is getting a date card.  The guys are speculating that it’s going to be Jared but Jared doesn’t look all that thrilled about it.  Lauren coaches Ashley on how she should ask Jared out on a date.  This is really annoying.  The whole sister thing is annoying.  Finally Ashley gets up the nerve to ask Jared and Jared agrees to go but he doesn’t seem all that thrilled.  Ashley says she has an Aladdin complex because everyone tells her she looks like princess Jasmine.  She thinks Jared looks like Aladdin and she says, “If he turns out to be my Aladdin, he can rub the shit out of my lamp any day.”  Oh boy.

Jade is a little bummed because she was having an interest in Jared and Ashley I has taken him, at least for now.  So she hopes they don’t have much fun.

On their date, they take a dune buggy through the mud of the jungle area.  They arrive at a public beach and go swimming in the ocean together.

Meanwhile Ashley S is making a connection with a bird.  The crazy is starting to come out as she plays with this bird.

Back on the date Ashley asks Jared about Kaitlyn.  He said it was really hard but he’s learned a lot from the experience.  Ashley says it was a great date… Jared looks like he’s put Ashley in the friend zone.

Next date card arrives “Jade, Choose a man to take on your first date in paradise.”  Jade says she’s tied between Jared and Tanner.  Jared’s still on a date with Ashley I, so she doesn’t know what to do.  But while Jade is trying to decide, Ashley and Jared come back from their date.  Jade ultimately decides on Tanner though.

Jade says that Tanner is so handsome and romantic.  Tanner says he’s learned from Kaitlyn’s season that he needs to be more open.  Tanner brings up the Playboy shoot and says that it doesn’t bother him at all and he thinks it’s cool she was open about it.

Back on the resort, suddenly Ashley S is being taken away in a stretcher in an ambulance.  Dan joins her in the ambulance.  Nobody knows exactly what’s going on.  Nothing was caught on camera.  Seems very suspicious to me.  I still think drugs must be involved with that woman…. whether it’s prescription or illegal drugs or whatever.

On Tanner and Jade’s date, Tanner says he feels lucky to be the one that Jade picked when all of the guys are interested in her.  They look happy already and kissing.  He says he feels more of a connection with Jade in one night than he felt in the whole season with Kaitlyn.  Jade then suggests they strip down to their skivvies and get in the river by where their date was.

Back at the resort Carly and Kirk are already hooking up.  I’m so happy for Carly!  Then in walks someone new!  Clare!!!  Chris Harrison hands her the date card and says she gets to pick what guy to go on a date with.

To be continued tomorrow!!!  And throughout the rest of the season looks like there’s a lot of tears being shed!

The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn – After the Final Rose recap

If you don’t want to be spoiled on what happened during the finale of The Bachelorette then stop reading right now.

So we just watched the shocking finale of The Bachelorette where Kaitlyn chose Shawn which completely shocked me, and obviously shocked the hell out of Nick.  So now we get to watch more awkwardness as they sit down together to rehash everything on “After the Final Rose.”

Kaitlyn and Shawn come out to greet Chris Harrison and the audience goes crazy.  Kaitlyn is crazy happy and she said it really feels like Christmas morning getting to be with Shawn today and have it open in the public.

Nick has come to the stage, first without Kaitlyn or Shawn on there with him.  Just Chris Harrison and Nick.  Nick said that he just went into it with a lot of trust and he chose to be that way… he didn’t want to be cynical.  He said that they were communicating about a month before Day 1 of filming The Bachelorette.  She didn’t know yet that it was going to be her as The Bachelorette.  He said they got to know each other really well through phone calls and texts.  He’s sorry that the tension between he and Shawn brought out their immaturity.

Shawn comes out on stage to join Nick and it’s awkward as all get out.  Nick said that he was frustrated because Shawn never took the time to get to know him and was basing his feelings based on what he saw on Andi’s season.  Shawn denies ever being jealous of Nick.  I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling… he was clearly jealous, but that’s okay…. just own up to it.  Shawn says that he does regret that their feud took up so much of the season instead of the love story that was going on.

Kaitlyn then comes out to join Nick on the uncomfortable couch.  Nick questions her on why she said I love you if that wasn’t what she was feeling.  She said she was having feelings of love but they just weren’t as strong as what she was feeling for Shawn.

They roll the clip of Kaitlyn rejecting Nick again… it’s still heartbreaking.  Nick says that he the words he shared with you just before he proposed were meant for someone else.  Were meant for someone who felt the same way back.  Nick kind of grills her about choosing the moment of the proposal time as the time to break up with him.  Any time would have been a better time than that time to break up.

Shawn comes back out to join Kaitlyn and he says the best thing about getting up tomorrow is that he can start defending her.  He says she doesn’t deserve any of the cyberbullying or any of that.  Hope they’re happy together even though I still wish it was Nick.

Oh and then the preview of Bachelor in Paradise looks AMAZING!  I can’t wait!  Starts this Sunday!  Someone says to Ashley I “wait, you’re not a virgin?! Not only that but you might be pregnant?!”  Awesome!

The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn: Season Finale recap – See who “won”!

Shawn vs Nick

This could prove to the most anticlimactic season finale of The Bachelorette yet, but who knows, maybe there are some surprises in store for us!  Since week four when Nick joined the bachelors, he has been a clear frontrunner…. will he get the final rose tonight?  We will soon find out!

Packing up in Utah from Kaitlyn meeting both Nick and Shawn’s parents, the guys are both feeling confident in what they’re feeling for her.

Now in Malibu, CA, the guys are going to meet Kaitlyn’s family.  Kaitlyn first tells her family about Nick from Andi’s season showing up and how Shawn and Nick hate each other.  Kaitlyn’s mom is completely shocked that Nick is in the final two.  She was not a fan of his on Andi’s season.

Nick arrives and Kaitlyn warns him that not only did she tell the family that he showed up four weeks into it but that they also had sex in Dublin.  So Nick is pretty nervous about meeting them.  Right off the bat, Kaitlyn’s mom asks “why are you here?”  He explained that he didn’t want to see her possibly engaged to someone else without having a chance to go for it.  He’s here not for the experience, but for the purpose of pursuing Kaitlyn specifically.

Kaitlyn’s mom then sits down alone with Nick and tells him that he was possessive, jealous on Andi’s season.  She questions him about what Kaitlyn sees in him.  Nick says that if she will have him, he would gladly have him for the rest of his life.  And he gets choked up and teary when he says he wants to be with her.  It was very sincere and nice to see his emotions.  Then Nick sits down with Kaitlyn’s dad and asks for his blessing to ask for Kaitlyn’s hand in marriage.  Kaitlyn’s father says he has his blessing if that is what they both truly want.

Now the family gets to meet Shawn.  Shawn gave them each a gift and definitely won over the sister early on.  He then made a toast over lunch that was really great and showed he can take charge and express his feelings.  Kaitlyn’s mom pulls Shawn aside and expresses that she is concerned about jealousy and how is he going to handle it.  He says it’s been tough because of his strong feelings towards her but he understands they were not in an exclusive relationship and that it made them stronger.  Her mom is really impressed with his answers and I have to admit I am too!  Kaitlyn’s sister admits to her that she’s on team Shawn.  Shawn then gathers both her mom and dad to get their blessings for him to propose.  Her mom says 1000% you have my support and the dad agrees and gives his blessing.

Last date with Nick and they’re on a boat discussing how things went with her family.  Nick says he feels good about everything.  Kaitlyn almost looks like she’s holding back a little bit, but I can’t tell if I’m just reading into that or not.  She seems a little less gushy over him, but then again they’re still pretty physical with each other.

Night time portion of the date… Kaitlyn revisits the moment that Nick showed up in New York.  She tells him she’s happy he took that chance to explore it beyond the text messages that they had exchanged beforehand.  Nick tells her that he has something for her in his bedroom.  He takes her there and presents her with a picture of them on their first one-on-one date along with a poem beside it.  The gift made her cry which he takes as a good sign.

Shawn’s date…. they go for a little picnic and Kaitlyn seems very distant, it’s obvious everything is weighing heavily on her mind.  Shawn said it’s hard because it feels different than before and he can’t help but think about the fact that there’s still another guy left.  He’s having his doubts about how she’s feeling and he says if he doesn’t get some answers he’s not getting down on one knee tomorrow.  What bothers me most about how he’s acting is that if he loves her, he should propose to her regardless.  If that’s what he wants, then he should go for it and not worry about hurting his pride and looking like a fool.  Love is supposed to make a fool out of you.  That’s the only way you know it’s true love.  When you’re willing to risk it all.

Night time portion and Shawn is nervous and feeling insecure.  They talk some more and the conversation seems to flow a bit more.  Shawn gives her a present too… It’s a memory jar from all the dates that they went on.  They laugh as they look through all the pictures and mementos from their dates.  Kaitlyn seems a lot more at ease and confident in their relationship.

Neil, the jeweler dude, shows up at both of the guys’ rooms.  Nick jokes that last time he was expecting Neil at his door it was actually Andi showing up to say that he wasn’t the one.  So he was nervous Kaitlyn would show up at this point instead of Neil.  But alas, it was Neil and Nick got to pick out the ring, as well as Shawn previously.

Kaitlyn arrives back at the mansion where everything started.  The first out of the limo is usually the one to go home… so who will it be?  NICK is the first out of the limo!!  Is he really going home?!!  My heart is already breaking for him having gone through this twice.  Please don’t let him go, Kaitlyn!  Nick begins his speech to her and I am just in disbelief.  She’s just letting him go on and on but she has a worried look on her face and Nick is getting very emotional.  ugh…. make it stop!!!  He’s about to get down on one knee and she stops him.  He says, “oh.  no?  oh.  ok.”  She says, “oh my god…. I’m sorry….”  She tells him that she needed every single second that they had together to figure things out.   He says there’s nothing that she could say that would make him any less confused.  This is so heartbreaking!!!  “What I felt for you was greater than a moment.  It’s not fair for you to say that you feel what I feel because you don’t or we would be having a different ending right now.”  How can this not make Nick jaded for the rest of his life?  Twice now he’s been good enough to make it to the end but not good enough to be “the one.”  Man I feel for him.  I am in such shock right now….. I can’t imagine the kind of shock he must be in.

Shawn now gets out of the limo and Kaitlyn looks shaken. She welcomes him with a big smile and a hug and a kiss.  Shawn is now beaming and launches into his speech.  Kaitlyn tells him she never wants him to question her feelings and that she will always be faithful to him and yada yada yada.  Shawn gets down on one knee and proposes, she says yes, and they are both crazy happy.  But I can’t help but feel disappointed!!  Besides being Ryan Gosling’s twin…. I just don’t get it….. I don’t even like him!  ugh.

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The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn: The Men Tell All Recap

Chris Harrison starts out Kaitlyn’s “The Men Tell All” episode by promoting Bachelor in Paradise and showing a sneak peek.  Basically a lot of tears….. crazy Ashley I and Ashley S along with Clare, Tenley, Jared, Joe, Jade, Tanner, JJ, Jonathon, and some past contestant who I’ve already forgotten the names of.  Starts Sunday Aug 2nd and will be on Sunday and Monday nights!  Woohoo!!

The first clips of Kaitlyn’s season that they show is basically all the guys at their worst, the drunk dude from the first episode, the bromance between JJ and Clint, Ian’s dramatic exit, and more.  Tanner then attacks Ian after the clips saying that it was disrespectful to the men and disrespectful to Kaitlyn and that it was just an exit strategy to make himself look better.  Corey then defended Ian a bit and said that some choices Kaitlyn made were disgraceful and Ian’s assessment of Kaitlyn was spot on.  Ben H then ask Corey how well did he even get to know Kaitlyn, “how many weeks were you around?” he asks.  Corey says he thinks a lot of America will agree that she didn’t take her role as Bachelorette seriously.  Ben H says he’s glad she was his Bachelorette.

Ian says he’d like the opportunity to say some things to Kaitlyn and asks if he can talk to her right now.  Chris Harrison says she’ll be out in a bit.  Then Ian gets up from his seat, takes off his jacket and says “Well I think it’s clear that this was certainly a season that was full of tension and emotions (then he gets down on his knees) and that in the end he said things that he now regrets and that he regrets his actions and he’s sorry.”  He then apologizes to Kaitlyn’s mom, America, the audience, etc and says it wasn’t a good representation of who he is.  JJ’s the first to hug him, followed by other men shaking his hand.  The whole thing was very awkward and in my eyes calculated.  It came across sincere, but I feel like he’s only sincere because he suffered such a huge backlash with America.  His life is forever changed because he was the asshole on The Bachelorette.

Clint is now the focal point.  Corey asks him why he was so pompous and arrogant because on the first day he was really cool.  Clint clears the airs that he’s straight and he was there for Kaitlyn.  Clint says that he just chose to spend time with those he found interesting.  He finds JJ interesting and reminded him of a friend he had back home.  JJ jumps in to defend Clint (shocker) and says that the whole “relationship” was tongue and cheek and that he was just “intellectually curious” about Clint.  They both admit to spending up 4 hours in the hot tub together talking.  He says it just went to a deeper level of friendship and there was a lot of “meat to that”… and of course everyone cracks up.

Kupah then cuts JJ off to bring up with the Nick situation and how he came in four weeks into the show.  Chris, JJ, and even Clint defend Kaitlyn saying she needs to explore every avenue to find her husband.  Clint attacks Joshua for saying he doesn’t think Nick is right for Kaitlyn because that’s putting his opinion above hers.  Like he knows what’s better for Kaitlyn than she does.  For once, I agree with Clint!  Kupah still thinks that she should have left the show to be with Nick off the show.

JJ is in the hot seat first with Chris Harrison.  They show the romance between he and Kaitlyn and then the epic romance and fight between he and Clint.  JJ says he regrets calling Clint out in front of Kaitlyn and the guys.  JJ says he lost momentum with Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison points out that maybe he lost focus on Kaitlyn in turn for Clint.  JJ is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise and judging from his facial expression when Harrison was talking about it, it sounds like his appearance is going to be a doozy.

Ben Z, the big teddy bear, is in the hot seat now with Chris Harrison and the ladies go crazy over him.  We revisit Ben Z’s backstory and romance with Kaitlyn and his mother’s death.  He talks about how he was completely blindsided.  He says when they were in Ireland, during the wake ceremony, is when he started to clam up a bit and it was hard for him to break the wall down again.  He says he’s learned how to be more open in a shorter amount of time.

Jared’s up now… watching the clips it makes me think she had the most fun with him than anyone else aside from maybe Nick.  Jared says it’s hard hearing that she questioned her decision that night.  He says it’s really hard watching the show back.  He says he hears Cranberries’s song “Linger” about twice a day now (they performed that song on their date together).  He’s not over her, but he’s moving on…. he will be on Bachelor in Paradise as well.

Ben H now!!!  Love him!! And so do the women in the audience.  This one is painful to watch back.  It’s obvious to see how hard Ben was falling for Kaitlyn.  Ben H addresses the situation with Kaitlyn sneaking into his and Shawn’s room.  He says they spent six hours together, the three of them, off camera talking and laughing and hanging out.  Ben got up to take a shower because they had an early morning flight the next day and when he came back into the room the whole vibe was different.  And, as we found out later, that’s when Kaitlyn told Shawn he was “the One.”  Something that she later says she regrets doing.

Kaitlyn comes out and Chris Harrison immediately addresses the controversial decisions she made throughout the season and the backlash she’s been experiencing.  She said it’s just been thousands and thousands of hateful comments and even death threats.  Chris Harrison then reads direct tweets and an email that are just spewing hate…. calling her a whore, a slut, and much worse.  Agree or disagree with the decisions that she has made, it does not give a right to be a cyber bully and try to tear that person down.  It’s just so wrong.  I don’t care how many guys she sleeps with, at least she’s nice!  …. unlike those bullies who hide behind computers.

Ben H asks her why she told Shawn that she slept with Nick but she didn’t tell him (Ben H).  She doesn’t really answer that question very well, but basically said that every relationship is different and she felt she owed it to Shawn. Essentially saying she didn’t feel she owed it to Ben.  In her defense though, I don’t think there’s a good way to address that other than she should have told him too… maybe??  She did apologize though.

The topic then shifts to bringing Nick on a few weeks into the show.  Some guys are not happy with it, as we established before, others are more understanding.  Kaitlyn says if they were in her shoes they would see why you have to explore every avenue.  Kaitlyn tells them that she dares them to date multiple people at a time, have it aired on television, and not make a mistake or two along the way.  “It’s hard!” she says with real seriousness.

Ian then gets on his knees again to apologize to Kaitlyn but then gets a cramp in his leg and stands up again.  He says he’s sorry for any backlash she’s received and he understands because he’s received backlash too.  It was a very sincere apology…. even if it is to save face with America.

Then the famous blooper reel!!!  Hilarious!  I love Kaitlyn’s crazy laugh.

Season finale next week!